Supporting local business and the local community

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After a number of years sponsoring the Football Veteran’s XI, we are pleased to announce that Thames Materials, a local firm based in Uxbridge, have now increased their contribution to the club to become a significant sponsor of events and facilities over the next 2 years.

Starting with the New Year’s Eve Party, Thames Materials will also be the title sponsor of May Day celebrations, a Weekend 5-a-side Tournament (Juniors & Vets) and Fireworks Night during 2012 and 2013. In addition, they have made a sizeable contribution to the funding of the new Football Changing rooms which we hope to be completed by the Spring of next year. At the same time, they will continue to support the Football Veteran’s Section.

We would like to thank Eamonn Malone for helping to make this happen and see this as the beginning of a mutually beneficial community and commercial relationship for the future well-being of the club. And if you know of other local firms who would like to sponsor key events, sections or facilities at the club, please contact Roma on 020 8997 2624 or email: