Drivers Undergo Cycle Training

Cycle Training

Our drivers have undergone professional training courses to boost awareness of the hazards faced by cyclists on the roads.

A team of 20 drivers from Thames Drivers swapped the comfort of their driving cabins for cycles and found themselves wobbling unsteadily amid refuse lorries, coaches and a road-sweeper. The drivers learned how cyclists cope with the threat of sudden door opening, HGVs turning left without warning and dealing with impatient car drivers.

Supervised by professional tutors and expert cyclist trainers, the day long training course backed by Transport for London was conducted at a bespoke facility in North London. It was designed to boost awareness of the hazards cyclists face in the London traffic and it successfully did so for the Thames Material staff.

The popularity of cycling is at an all-time high and is rising still. With fuel costs soaring and rising environmental awareness, more people are taking to their bikes than ever before. Thames Materials are fully aware of this and have actively engaged their staff to increase the safety of the cyclists on the road.

Along with modifications to the TML fleet introduced to increase all-round visibility, the training is part of an on-going development programme aimed at ensuring TML delivers best-in-class safety and training activities across the fleet, and the professional driver team.